2xCD Digipack (AB 054) - AUERBACH

Re-release of the third Camerata Mediolanense album, including a bonus CD with rare and unreleased tracks.
The "Madrigale" was in the XIV century a characteristic form of “Ars Nova”, the Italian art which was developing in the “Renaissance” when melting with the Flemish school and creating a completely new and open composing schema which was basing & taking form from sentimental and imaginative lyrics.
“Madrigali” was therefore a very precise aesthetic choice of the band.
The tracks, some of them are re-interpretations of traditional European songs, are the result of a research into the real roots of the old continent musical culture.
Majestic sounds , with great drums and rhythms plus wonderful vocals , especially the female ones !
Very elegant and romantic, a fragile vase containing just one drop of pure infinite.

Track list :
1. Der Tod 3:52
2. L'homme armé 1:39
3. Podmoskovnye Vecera 5:53
4. Madrigale 4:24
5. Canto Di Popolo 4:49
6. Lili Marleen 6:24
7. Taberna 2:19
8. Mädchenlied 4:11

Bonus CD
1. Esecuzione (live)
2. Guillotine (live)
3. Der Tod (live)
4. Nessun maggior dolore (versione)
5. Noi leggiavamo (versione)

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