Headless / Let the Moon Speak


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Double digipack!
Patrick Leagas, one of the original members of Death in June, and the musician behind Mother destruction’s magically inspired experimental tribal techno albums of the early 1990’s, has returned to release his first album for 17 years under his solo project name "6th comm" !

The double album ‘Headless’ and ‘let the moon speak’ is composed of dark brooding beautiful songs, other worldly soundscapes and magical.
Expeditions in the form of percussion and vocal breath repetition.
Songs based on devils, angels, the moon, self-critical analysis and paying homage to the work of Gurdjief and elemental worship.
The shy pagan multi-instrumentalist and vocalist has return with gem of lunar music, which cannot be categorized easily.
With a voice that reaches both depths and heights in musical pitch and emotion.

Tracklist :
§ Headless
1.1 Headless - Attained And Lost 9:15
1.2 Death Of A Lion 5:44
1.3 Wasted Soul 5:43
1.4 Again To Sleep...Awake! 7:05
1.5 To Dream, The Machine God 3:39
1.6 Farewell, Divided Into The Wind 2:26
1.7 Circle Upon Circles 6:25
1.8 15 Years..The Endless Dream Illusion 16:50
1.9 Re-enter The Second Sleep 7:34

§ Let The Moon Speak
2.1 Lake Of Tears 4:09
2.2 Like A Death In June 7:12
2.3 Angel Scream 4:21
2.4 Kalashnikov Is My Friend 4:48
2.5 Drown By Faith 4:49
2.6 Dragonfly 2:08
2.7 Swayling 4:02
2.8 The Crushing Ice 4:39
2.9 Wail At The Moon 6:54
2.10 Let The Moon Speak 8:07

This is rare!
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