Am Himmel Mit Feuer II


CD in embossed thick cardboard cover (IND 098 CD) - FRONTE NORDICO

The CD version of the first Fronte Nordico release from one of the best today's new neofolk projects Art Abscons.
"Am Himmel mit Feuer II" is a total remake of the CD out in 2010 on Dead Scarlet Records.
Most of the tracks were re-recorded, many got totally new versions, some new tracks were added and some old omitted, and the tracklist was completely resorted.
The result is a totally different album.
Brilliant melodies, charming voice, sophisticated soundwork and german poetry full of melancholy, sadness and irony are melting together to form a perfect gem of rare beauty – not to be missed by any fan of "Art's" magical art!
This CD version is different not only to the 2010 release but also to its vinyl analogue, it lacks two short interludes appeared on LP but includes one totally new track and one song here is completely reworked.
The release comes in a special embossed thick grey rough carton cover with full colour picture.

Tracklist :
1 Galathea Am Himmel Mit Feuer 3:27
2 A Mon Seul Désir 4:51
3 Schwarzes Schiff 5:13
4 Magik 4:26
5 Jungfrau Und Lilie 4:00
6 Der 13. Gast 3:42
7 Im 3. Raum 4:54
8 Freie Felder 4:58
9 Nur Das Erinnern 2:01
10 Für Immer Hier 4:39
11 Silber Und Gold 4:04

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