För mig finns ingen väg från hemmets dörr



The long awaited and highly anticipated first album from Swedish folk band Solblot has finally seen the light of day.
Despite working at a glacial pace, having been formed in 2003 and until now having only released one single in 2007, Solblot is a band with a dedicated cult following, thanks to a few select and spectacular live performances.
Solblot's unique brand of neofolk is based on traditional Scandinavian folk and Swedish progressive rock, with a slight touch of the experimental.
The songs are simple, melodic and catchy, with a punky edge and an organic, rough production.
Their lyrics, sung in Swedish, are appropriated from the Nobel laureate and idealistic national romanticist Verner von Heidenstam (1859-1940).
Nostalgic, romantic hymns of an idealised Sweden, which never existed except as a dream.
Featuring: Kim Larsen (:Of the Wand and the Moon:, Solanaceae), Niels Rønne (:Of the Wand and the Moon:), Stefan Otto (Nebelung), Anne Eltard (:Of the Wand and the Moon:, Solanaceae) and Petter Lindgård (The Mopeds, session work for Tom Jones, Roxette, The Cardigans among others).

Tracklist :
01. Himladrottningens bild i Heda (02:54)
02. Paradisets timma (02:40)
03. Kommer aldrig solen? (03:04)
04. En dag I (03:18)
05. En dag II (02:15)
06. Sommarljuset (03:30)
07. Åkallan & löfte (03:44)
08. Drömsyn på ängen (04:07)
09. Barrikadsång (03:30)
10. Medborgarsång (02:33)
11. Ålderdomen (05:41)

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