The Winter of Constantinople


CD Jewel Box (CSR 56) - COLD SPRING

A fusion of neoclassical and anthemic, complete with military pounding rhythms and an epic over tone.
One of the strengths of the work is its highly dynamic structure, rendering very well the tension of the historical theme that it depicts, the 14th century siege of the last bastion of the Roman Empire of the East by the Ottoman Turks, and its fall.
There's a lot on the dish for those who enjoy epical atmospheres with a sense of inevitable defeat embedded in every track, mainly marked by crying cellos, synth layers and solemn choirs, while a variety of vocal styles, mostly within the range of spoken word, further add to the interest to this modern-day soundtrack to an ancient-day drama.

1 The Fall Of Constantinople
2 Hopes Die In Winter
3 Hagia Sophia
4 Tanz Konstantinopel
5 Requiem
6 A New Rome
7 Frühlings Erwachen
8 Oneindigheid
9 Arise

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