SUEÑOS, 'Dreams' in Spanish, but the onomatopoeic sound reminds also to the English words for 'signs' and 'sounds'.
For the first time in ATARAXIA's history this album is not a conceptual album but a collection of songs with different styles, themes, with different historical backgrounds and many acoustic new instruments.
The album has been divided into three parts of 4 songs each: the first (‘Ego Promitto Domino’) features lyrics inspired by journeys and remembrances of mid-eastern lands. The sounds are between neo classical, orchestral for 4 voices and Mediterranean dreamy ambiances.
The second part (‘L’ame d’eau’) is entirely based on Medieval ballads just for acoustic instruments and 2 voices and the Third part (‘Sandy Dunes’) finally is more intimate and meditative, once again the theme is the one of water linked to the female soul: The voyage through the sea, regret, the need of the sea.
Just for Francesca’s heavenly vocals...

Part I: Ego Promitto Domino
Parti De Mal 2:58
Saderaladon 4:24
Belle Jolande 5:39
Il Bagatto 4:14
Part II: L'Âme D'Eau
Mon Âme Sorcière 3:05
Eleven 5:35
Mnemosine 4:37
I Love Every Waving Thing 3:15
Part III: Sandy Dunes
Encrucijada 7:06
Funeral In Dacia 3:09
The Corals Of Aqaba 3:33
Nemrut Dagi 3:32

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