A Cure For Kenophobia — Being An Empowerment In 4 Easy Stages — At Very Reasonable Rates



Limited Edition 500 copies

Rare Box released in 2013.
We offer copy #206 / 500.

Box contains almost 4 hours of archive recordings recorded between 1987 and 1999 and give the opportunity to dig into the universe of Music-Mastermind, Multi-talent and concept art genious Andrew Mc Kenzie including his electronic / drone / ambient / music concrete like music-outputs as Hafler Tri / H3O of which none has released on vinyl or CD up to now.

§ The Hafler Trio Play The Hafler Trio Play The Hafler Trio
A1 The Man Of Paper
A2 All That Rises Must Converge
A3 Bread & Shit
B1 Without Mercy
B2 S.p.i.r.i.c.o.m.
B3 I Remain, Yours...

§ I Love Children But I Couldn't Eat A Whole One
C1 Much Leadership Of Inadvertent Clothing Providers
C2 Communion With The Uncommunicative
C3 Payment Accepted, Thank You
D1 Compelling Arguments For Vertical Structures
D2 Something Concerned With Distribution
D3 Approaching The Third Things Last Of All

§ Regicide, Fratricide & Feneration For Dummies
E1 Attachment
E2 Aversion
E3 Bewilderment
F4 The Big Stick On The Other Foot Behind Your Back
F5 Breathing Through Sand
F6 The Upside Of The Downside: A Cross-section

§ The Generosity Of The Body With Explicit Diagrams
G1 Everyone Was Once Your Mother
G2 The Territory Bears No Signature
G3 A Small Box That Lets Me Go In And Out
H1 What Are You Not Thinking Right Now?
H2 Here, Several Reasons Are Liberated
H3 I Have No Voice, But Here They Are

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