A Long History of Decay


Music Cassette (SK158) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 50 copies

"A Long History Of Decay" is a live ritual performance recorded in 2020, culminating and sealing the first chapter of Lifeless Gaze.
The performance combines into a haunting, ultra-misanthropic whole material from earlier releases of this project, whose members are also active in well-known acts such as LUGOLA / GRAVE OF LOVE / HARMONY OF STRUGGLE / WHALESONG.
The music of this negation ritual combines dark ambient, death industrial and atmospheric, eerie black metal.
Unsettling layers of industrial noise mesh with cavernous, atmospheric dark ruminations and moments of almost meditative, minimalistic ambient black metal instrumentation.
Shrill sounds pierce through like serrated knives cutting flesh, and echoing, buried vocals recite mantras of nihilism and negativity - if the words cannot be understood, the negative intent can.
Recorded in Antisound Studio, the sound of the release is full studio quality. Combined with the concentrated and focused power of a live performance, the result is a genuinely eerie, haunting, spiritually crushing onslaught of darkness and negative energy.

Limited edition of 50 handnumbered copies

"We are born to suffer.
To feel nothing but pain as we, the martyrs of our own existence crawl towards the Nothingness and the Void."
*** Lifeless Gaze

A1   Endless Void 8:13
A2   We Are Born To Suffer 8:27
A3   Irrational Decision To Exist 3:40
B1   Deep Cuts In Weak Flesh 9:05
B2   Life Equals Zero 12:26

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