A Sherpa's Sleep is More Milk Music


CD Digifile (ZOHAR 189-2) - ZOHARUM

Limited Edition 250 copies

L.A.D.O. is a project that has literally appeared from a sleep.
His founder first saw and heard this name in a dream, and being quite surprised upon awakening, decided to embody it.
Subsequently, many fragments of sound, associations and images came from sleep and drowsy moments.
So is this album.
Each composition is a piece, a fabric woven from the sounds of various origins: resonant dawns and dusks, roars of distant thunderstorms, rustling of small creatures, sough of wind and leaves, ringing of strings and trumpet calls.
All this is interlaced by multi-layered electric threads of analogue and synthetic instruments and call signs of unknown radio stations.
All this swarm of sounds doesn't fall into chaos but builds up in a forest temple surrounding sleeping children, and the air vibrates with emptiness.
Best Ambient-Drone.

1 Crimsky 14:56
2 Kanikuly 24:00
3 Dadada 3:08
4 Zazemlya 16:01
5 Pozdravleniya 11:11

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