CIRCULATION OF LIGHT [Burial Hex / Kinit Her]


Limited Edition 100 copies

Circulation of Light is the solo work of Nathaniel Ritter (Wreathes, Kinit Her, Burial Hex, et al.).
Though still having a similar depth of vision and spiritual, or even supernatural, dimensions, Circulation of Light does not rely as much on acoustic instruments, or even on musicality, as his other projects.
Thus it is fitting that this album is branded with the title of "Acheiropoieta", which translates from Byzantine Greek as "made without hands.
Previous output under Ritter's solo banner has involved a very meditative and ritualistic approach to capturing specific times and places within his memory.
This older material was often personal to the point of being oblique, which is where Acheiropoeita makes an about-face and confronts the listener head on.
This is glowing darkwave chamber music, flush with Ritter's cryptic vocals (which may sound comfortingly familiar to fans of Kinit Her and Wreathes), and oceanic atmospheres made with bells, gongs, pianos, organs, synths, woodwinds, dulcimer and other simple strings, all steeped in decadent reverb like the eternal echos of inner cathedrals.
Still, through this near alien veil, the careful listener can gather up melody and song from the elegant polyrhythms of tone which congeal as if only to gather in support of the layers of tenderly intoned mantra and Reverend Ritter's otherworldly choir of responsive congregant voices.
Baroque arpeggios and cosmic synth washes over you as you feel the intention of this music, deepened by the influence of ancient Taoist manuscripts, the lyrics and relaxed resolve of the proceedings reassure you, and with words and voice both strong and fragile, the message penetrates you as twin poetry simultaneously offering a warning to forget about the future and to gain the keys of perfection in the now.
Mastered by James Plotkin.

1 A Perfect Heart Is Like A Mirror 8:26
2 Patience I 6:16
3 Stone's Sail 3:29
4 The Death Desire 6:29
5 Patience II 3:34
6 Manifold Grace 6:12
7 Dimmet 5:34

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