Pre Rup Stairs



Sometimes simple instruments and a bit of talent is enough for create something special.
"Pre Rup Stairs" is full of hypnotic guitar sounds and nostalgic vocals by Alex.
Reminds somehow to the acid folk and twisted acoustic of Charles Manson.
Guest appearance of "Division S" as vocalist.

This is the fourth release by this one man band from Italy, although with a new and alternative approach to composing music:
there is no use of electronics and computer, tracks were almost recorded just with a guitar and voice, simple and pure songs!

Tracklist :
1. Someone Else Memories
2. Sunshine
3. Repent Before
4. Walking Words
5. Highest Law
6. Back in Time
7. Distorted Perception
8. Seagulls at Dawn
9. Questions of Mankind
10. Railway to Life
11. Pamphlet
12. Mezcal
13. French Vision
14. Raving Up Blues
15. Third Eye Opening
16. Shiva und Shanti

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