Against The Hindu Religion


Music Cassette (CRACK001/T) - CRACK ATTACK

A mix of Dark-Mantras and Psychedelic-Noise.
Performed by Eirian Nyafca & Fungi Sanjay, all tracks recorded between April to may 2015 in Sarki Studio, Kaski, (Nepal).
Track no. B3 recorded at N.K.R. Studio in Województwo Małopolskie (Poland).

Includes Propaganda Manifesto "Against The Hindu Religion" (12X12 inches / 30X30 cm) and download code.

A1 [ Untitled Sarki Mantra ] 0:57
A2 From The Sindhū Valley To Sodom [ Jaya Srila Gurudeva Gandustan - A Forbidden No-Vedic Hymn ] 0:13
A3 The Procession Of The Rapists [ Śivasūtrā Tantric Mantra ] 10:08
A4 Om & Rape [ Every Liṅgaṃ Needs A Yoni ] 5:00
A5 Hare Krishna, Hare Mao [ The Hindu-Maoists Are Here ] 3:06
B1 Brahmā And The Eternal Exploitation Of Holy Cows [ Oxidant Ayurvedic Mantra ] 16:28
B2 Mussolini Mantra [ When Gandhi Met The European Balillas ] 02:02
B3 Ṛgveda - The Origins Of Mein Kampf [ Aryan White Power Veda ] 0:45

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