Di Aima il Segno



"After many collaborations with different artists, I decided to collect in a Cd al the songs born by the blessed union of corrisponding sensibilities.
There are some isolated collaborations and other that are evolving in precice projects."
- Aima -

A voice that ranges from the brightest to the darkest sound, according to the different style of every musician.
Collaborations by : Pino Carafa (Rosa Rubea) / Roberto Del Vecchio (Les Jumeaux Discordants) / Yvan Battaglia (LCHM) / Gerhard Hallstatt (Allerseelen) / Wutanes Heer ..

Tracklist :
1 Eis' Elion (Orphic Hymn To The Sun)
2 Stanze
3 Lux
4 Nacht
5 Occhi Di Notte
6 Neues Fortleben
7 Il Contemple Le Lune
8 Homo Aureus
9 Horus
10 Haiku Irregolari In Forma Di Musica
11 Thanàtou Thumìama (Orphic Hymn To Death)
12 Il Matrimonio Del Cielo Con La Terrra
13 Water
14 Serpentis Dorsa Marina
15 White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)

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