CD Digipack (OECD 053) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Re-edition of the long time sold out Ain Soph "masterpiece", released in 1992 on Cthulhu Records, with one additional rare compilation track "Colpo di Grazia" recorded in the same period.
This album is to be considered a pioneers opera of neo-folk cabaret and was influencing many artists after his production back in 1992!
A very controversial and politicaly uncorrect album talking about Italy during & after the WW2!
Digipack artwork basically in the same form of the original but with some changes.

Rare copy of the first re-print of this classic-cult album!

1 Tutti A Casa!
2 Ramayana
3 Pistolet Automatique
4 Uomini Perduti
5 Rubàyyat
6 White Guard
7 Liberté Ou Mort
8 Légionnaire En Algiers
9 Vent
10 Le Départ
11 Tempi Duri
12 Gli Amanti Tristi
13 Io & Te
14 Cuore Nero
15 Colpo Di Grazia (bonus track)

This is rare!
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