The Castle


CD Digipack (EIS 048) - EIS & LICHT

ALEX FERGUSSON's twelve new songs spread out like the pages of a diary - musical interpretations of fantasies, observations, and passions from a great songwriter.
ALEX FERGUSSON, responsible for Punk classics such as "Action Time Vision" (ALTERNATIVE TV) and Pop hits such as "Godstar" (PSYCHIC TV), recorded "The Castle" within a few days 'live' in a north-London studio. Thus, the songs come across in a very fresh and honest manner - he wanted to do that album in the same mode of working as he used with PSYCHIC TV in the early 80ies.

The result is a very natural, short, but to-the-point album, starting off in an experimental, rocking and subtly psychedelic vein.
Tracks 4 and 6 are very 60ies-like - just as if VELVET UNDERGROUND had risen from the grave and recorded new songs. But every other track brings you good and gently picked folk (tracks 5 and 8), so that you'll have to admit: ALEX has found his own unique style on "The Castle."
It is apparent that this album was partially inspired by a bar that ALEX FERGUSSON used to haunt very often in the past - and equally apparent is that the sweet voice of ROSE McDOWALL (STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE, SORROW, CURRENT 93 ...) will remind you of Alex' abilities to write wonderful songs.

Tracks list:
1.The Castle (Entrance)
2. Dark Angel
3. Bar Noir
4. Ways of Pleasure
5. Solitude
6. Hope
7. Odyssey
8. Twilight
9. Daybreak
10. Mirror
11. Let the Sorrow go
12. The Castle (Exit)

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