Sit Tibi Terra Levis - Introspective


CD Digipack (HSL049) - HIC SUNT LEONES

Beautiful ambient textured sounds and very mysterious moods which provide a thought provoking atmosphere.
Alio Die originally recorded Sit Tibi Terra Levis and Introspective as separate releases in the early 1990’s, but this limited run re-release sees the two combined into a single album.
It might seem arbitrary to throw the two together but in truth they flow together very naturally.
Furthermore, despite the age of the recordings they still sound as fresh and original as the best of contemporary atmospheric releases.

1 Metempsychosis 5:44
2 Sempiterna Mutatio 3:32
3 The Laws Of Manu 5:35
4 Rising Circles 3:17
5 Frammenti Da Un Sogno 4:20
6 Infrapolatia 3:39
7 Ollin 3:02
8 Mazes And Labirints 4:26
9 The Passage Of Nostalgia 2:11
10 Expansion And Contraction 3:44
11 Introspective 4:28
12 The Evocation Of The Invisible 5:24
13 Visions Of No-Time Worlds 5:53
14 Equilibrio D'Ali 3:42
15 The Inner Escape 3:31
16 Thoughts By The Side Of The Path 12:02

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