Amek-Maj / Moozzhead



Limited Edition 100 copies

Amek-Maj and Moozzhead return to Satatuhatta with split album filled with romance.
Amek-Maj presents his juiciest material yet evocating the images from the streets of Paris to always so romantic Finnish pubs of the suburbs.
Moozzhead's rally noise speeds recklessly again but manages to keep the wheel on the road regardless of distracting XL Barbie fantasies.
Finnic noise!
Limited edition of 100 copies on Chrome tapes.

1.  Amek-Maj - Recycled Habits of Gilden / Let Me Touch You Down There Before Slow Shot Wins 11:41
2.  Amek-Maj - Kupittaan ranskaa (pubiruusuni) 08:19
3.  Moozzhead - XL Barbie Phantasie 08:15
4.  Moozzhead - Careful With That Ass, Carmella 07:14
5.  Moozzhead - Speak Rally English Or Die 03:55

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