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CD Digipack (Epiphany 06) - EPIPHANY


  • Judas
  • The Three Ravens

Nine years in the planning and recording!
Andrew King’s (The Triple Tree, Duo Noir, Sol Invictus) magnum opus and first true solo album since The Amfortas Wound.
A dark and complex selection of traditional, medieval and own compositions.
Tracks include the 13th Century Ballad “Judas”, for which a new edition was prepared from the only known manuscript, the murder ballads “Edward” & “Sir Hugh”, Oswald von Wolkenstein’s May song “Fröleichen So Well Wir” and “Sic Mea Fata Canendo Solor” from the Carmina Burana.

Features John Murphy (KnifeLadder, Scorpion Wind, DIJ, C93..), Hunter Barr (Knifeladder), Maria Vellanz (Leisur Hive), and (on two tracks) the Choir of Saint Stephen’s Church.

Tracklist :
1. Corvus Terrae Terror (King): 2:25
2. The Three Ravens (Thomas Ravenscroft, ca. 1592- ca. 1635/traditional & Sacred Harp arr. King): 6:01
3. The Wife Of Usher’s Well (traditional/King): 6:10
4. Sic Mea Fata Canendo Solor (Carmina Burana, 13th Century): 6:21
5. Edward (traditional): 4:22
6. In Upper Room
i The Elders Of The People Took Counsel (fauxbourdon): 1:45
ii In Upper Room (David Jones, 1895-1974 & The Gospel according to S. Marke/King): 5:28
7. Judas i Judas (English, 13th Century/King): 10:13
i Judas (10:13)
ii Could Ye Not watch With Me One Hour (fauxbourdon): 1:16
8. Lord Lovel (traditional): 6:57
9. Fröleichen So Well Wir (Oswald von Wolkenstein, ca. 1377-1445 arr. King): 3:54
10. Sir Hugh (traditional arr. King): 7:03

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