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CD + CD-ROM Digifile (ARK004) - ARK RECORDS

A very nice, slim and pretty cardboard fold accompanies this CD of ghostly ambience and classical overtones.
Ataraxia take guitars, strings and add some backwash synthesizer to their music along with ghostly effects and vocals – the result is a feeling of deep antiquity that borders on just the edge of your black and white field of dreams.
With the fold comes a second CD that contains the band’s press kit which is nothing short of extraordinarily done.
Wonderfully artistic with Flash animation, PDF sections and it’s laid out in the format of an old tome.

CD-ROM-1 Pilgrimages
CD-ROM-2 Preface
CD-ROM-3 Chapter 1 - Stone (Extract)
CD-ROM-4 Chapter 2 - Water (Extract)
CD-ROM-5 Chapter 3 - Passages (Extract)
CD-ROM-6 Chapter 4 - Dream (Extract)
CD-ROM-7 Chapter 5 - Contemplation (Extract)
CD-ROM-8 Chapter 6 - Light (Extract)
CD-ROM-9 Interview (Extracts)
CD-ROM-10 A Brief Discography
CD-ROM-11 Discography
CD-ROM-12 Arcana Eco Lyrics
CD-ROM-13 Credits

CD-1 Cobalt 5:22
CD-2 Astimelusa (New Key-Chimes Version) 5:27
CD-3 Mirsilo 6:38
CD-4 Fire In The Wood 5:00
CD-5 Nossa Senhora Dos Anjos 4:38
CD-6 De Pourpre Et D'Argent ('A Baroque Divertissement' Version) 4:00
CD-7 The Island Of Docteur Moreau 4:45

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