As Anti as Possible


CD Jewel-Box (4iB CD/0618/033) - 4iB

Two pioneering and prominent extreme harsh noise stalwarts, both of whom have been active since the early ’80s, come head-to-head in a much-anticipated collaboration where the mastery of both artists are skillfully woven into a chaotic symphony.
The pairs (Rupenus & Gillham and Mikawa & Kosakai) worked with each other’s material producing two collaborations (appropriately titled ‘Blockading Of Incapacitants’ / ‘Incapacitation Of TNB’) comprising relentless metal abuse, screaming feedback, gut-churning rumbles and deranged vocals.
As the title suggests, ‘As Anti As Possible’ is certainly no easy listen and will be a challenge for all but the most die-hard of Noise fans.

TNB and Incapacitants have been mutual admirers of each other’s work since the mid-‘80s and have since that time occasionally discussed the possibility of a collaboration. However, no such collaboration has occurred until now.
’As Anti As Possible’ was originally intended to be issued on LP but, due to the extreme nature of the music, vinyl format wasn’t possible.
Therefore, ‘As Anti As Possible’ has been presented on CD format.
Includes new artworks by Rupenus (TNB)

1 Blockading Of Incapacitants 21:04
2 Incapacitation of TNB 24:49

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