At Home with Alp

ALP [O Yuky Conjugate]


Roger Horberry's (a member of O YUKI CONJUGATE) side project.
Ordinary appliances sing in their own strange languages as Horberry reprocesses and arranges them into an unusual electro-mechanical chorus which will be fascinating to the adventurous enjoyer of found sounds.
Not "musical" but textural, atmospheric and often minimalistic.
If you're up for an interesting 45-minutes of microscopic listening to nearby-but-never-before-heard soundscapes, At Home With Alp is the place to be.
Droning alien atmospheres.

1  Untitled     6:09
2  Untitled     2:47
3  Untitled     2:51
4  Untitled     4:49
5  Untitled     6:13
6  Untitled     7:00
7  Untitled     15:27

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