Paranoia (20th annyversary / expanded vinyl)



Limited Edition 300 copies

Forthcoming OEC release - To be released in 2021.
Pre-Orders campaing will start in due time.

This was the first full-length album released by OEC by the Italian prophet of Murderous & Pain Electronics in 2000 as a CD.
For the 20th anniversary of that album we are proud to go for the re-release into vinyl format of such a masterpiece.

A slow death with great sorrow...
Psychopathic ready to kill voice, self-abusing electronic sounds mixed to dangerous feed-backs & noises.
An isolationist and disgusting soundtrack for disturbed maniacs suffering of multiple personality disorder.
Here you are finally introduced to the little sister of Mr. Atrax Morgue :
Miss Atrax Morgue & all his maniac pleasures, plastic sex & bestial babies...
Maniac cover with a touch of 60’s psychedelia.

To the original recordings we added as bonus on 4th LP side 4 additional tracks from 2 long time sold out singles out on SELF ABUSE and BLOODLUST!
Comes on good, old black vinyl - Limited to 300 copies.

§  Side A
A1. Blue 1:36
A2. You Drive (You Try) 2:50
A3. Leave Me Alone 6:07
A4. Perfect To Kill (Your Beauty Is Your Condemnation) 2:38
A5. Sperm On Red Plastic 4:47

§  Side B
B1. Is It Enough?? 4:29
B2. Plastic Baby, Pleasure Toy 3:35
B3. Higheels Inside My Throat 4:07
B4. Miss Self-Destruct 4:22
B5. Obsessed By Images 5:22

§  Side C
C1. Disgusted 3:59
C2. I Execrate My Eyes 5:16
C3. Monomaniac 3:15
C4. Untitled 7:38

§  Side D (Bonus tracks)
D1. I'm Not Deaf 5:17
D2. I'm Just Ignoring You 6:43
D3. Her Guts 5:52
D4. Sinfonia Per Un Sadico 3:39

Tracks D1 and D2 taken from the "James Oliver Huberty" single (single series devoted to Serial Killers) out on SELF ABOUSE in 1997
Tracks D3 and D4 taken from the "Her Guts / Sinfonia Per Un Sadico" single out on BLOODLUST! in 2005


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