The Harrow



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This is a reissue of the album that was out on the Ava/ES1 label back in 2001 (very bad US label !) which has disappeared from the market very fast ...
Inscribed by the words of Kafka, “The Harrow” is a mere reflection of the bleak and mechanical existence of today’s humanity, full of suffering and at the same time obedience to the dark and inhumane unrevealed faceless forces, which was long ago foreseen and expressed by this Austrian genius.
One of the most dark and obscure works by Bad Sector, an absolutely brilliant masterpiece of anxious claustrophobic dark ambient with a touch of radionoise and some sparks of subtle melodic threads.
Original impulsive sounds were obtained using Geiger counter as well as scanning of the naval, air and military radio bands.
The release has one bonus track taken from a rare old compilation .

Tracklist .
1 TH1: Erase 6:02
2 TH2: Search 3:58
3 TH3: Hide 6:06
4 TH4: Analyze 3:13
5 TH5: Learn 4:50
6 TH6: Generate 4:08
7 TH7: Contaminate 3:05
8 TH8: Decode 3:43
9 TH9: Wait 4:37
10 THA: Damage 5:02
11 THB: Transform 11:06
12 THC: Powerwaves 4:37

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