Dungeon Of Total Void


CD Digipak (TumorCD98) - MALIGNANT

Prominent S&M inspired electronics is not a new theme, but it has been a long time since such a vital voice has arisen.
So enter now the world of BEYOND ENCLOSURE.
With their debut recording Dungeon of Total Void, this Portuguese duo fronted by SAMANTHA DIABOLIKk with the assistance of THE ANALYST aka Andre Coelho (of the now defunct Sektor 304), have assembled an imposing homage to discomfort, pain and pleasure.

Built around a foundation of subversive and deviant themes, the eight tracks here undulate and throb with malfunctioning electronics, noxious, droning wavelengths, brooding, low slung bass, and malevolent psychoacoustics, with a stream of processed vocal instructions and commands that create a heightened sense of tension and unease.
It's a brilliant display and musically should find immediate appeal among fans of Puce Mary, IRM, Sewer Goddess, and Haus Arafna.

1 Into The Dungeon 4:39
2 Autoerotik Punishment 10:37
3 Electrical Surrender 8:02
4 Basement Paraphilia 4:55
5 Vortex Of Steel Into Flesh 6:33
6 Forceful Acquisition Of Faith 7:00
7 Chain Of Command 8:04
8 Black Rubber Man V2 6:27

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