Birdking (2015 re-edition)


CD Digipack (FREMD CD 2000) - FREMDHEIT

Ian Read is accompanied by Michael Cashmore (Current 93), Douglas P (Death In June), Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis), Richard Leviathan (Ostara), Joseph Budenholzer (Backworld) and Annabel Lee (Blood Axis, ex-Amber Asylum) to make a vibrant, flourishing tome of lore in a modern Neofolk classic.

1 Dragons In The Sunset
2 Birdking
3 The Werewolves Of Londown Town
4 Drighten's Hall
5 Gaze Of The Proud
6 The Lady Of The Vanir
7 Flagg
8 Take My Hand
9 Greyhead
10 My Brother
11 Buast Til Ófriðar
12 Where Have They Gone?

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