Blasphemous Rumours


CD in Metal-Box (STCD 025) - STAALPLAAT

Since moving away from harsher, industrial electronics about 1986, Nigel Ayers has been producing flowing ambient work that is soothing and sometimes a bit unsettling.
On those second albums Ayers primarily used natural sounds like animal or baby cries in his music.
Here he has apparently returned entirely to musical instruments.
The instruments were all played by charlotte Bill, and then "disarranged and decomposed" by Ayers.
The result is a drifting, pulsing melange of layers of synthesizer and string that sounds not unlike the crickets and church harmonium on the group’s 1988 album Spiritflesh.
The disk is mood in a can, a CD packed with salt in a round tin container stamped with the symbol for sodium’s atomic structure
Rare album dated 1992.

NB: the Metal Box is rusted in and outside (see also foto here on OEC's site for have a rough idea..) / salt was removed from the box because it eventualy was one of the causes for rusting / CD and insert was stored outside the box and are in prefect conditions!

1 Temporal Threshold 24:26
2 Decibel Integration 24:31
3 Pulsation Scale 24:17

This is rare!
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