A Love Extreme



Electro-acoustic jazzy noise.
A journey from Ornette Colemann to John Cage.
A mix of free improv and free jazz, sounds like an explosion in a jazz factory.
The short bursts of noise contained here occasionally bring to mind John Zorn's Torture Garden/Painkiller records and, though it's certainly an album that you have to prepare yourself for before playing, it rewards with each listen.
On reading the sleevenotes the drummer is none other than Jeph Jerman - of the earlier driftwood record, but here he's taking out his frustration on a more traditional set up than the aforementioned sticks 'n' stairs routine.
Released in 1993.

A1     Withdrawl    
A2     Requiem For Libeations Of The Fourth String (Or) Would You Please Put That Fucking Thing Away?    
A3     Sixteen (Four Fours)    
A4     Yesterday Is The Answer    
A5     Lonely Tuber    
A6     Blindly    
A7     Styrofoam    
B1     Drone Construct    
B2     Palimpest    
B3     Springs Recoil    
B4     Mo    
B5     Instuctional Audio    
B6     Cut My Neck    
B7     Widgets And Bevels    
B8     Wack That Beehive    
B9     Fur    
B10     Buzz To Bang    

C1     The Head    
C2     Doncha    
C3     Needle    
C4     Puppets    
C5     Murmur    
C6     Tries    
C7     National Anthem Of The Peoples' Republic Of China    
D1     Needle    
D2     Cosco Construct

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