Rinna Leathercluster Liveaction 2008

BOCKSHOLM [Deutsch Nepal + raison d'être / RAISON D'ETRE]

CD Digipack (ACD 044) - AUTARKEIA

For those who are not into Bocksholm :
Lina baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal) and Peter Andersson (Raison D'Etre)
two famous punks of the Industrial scene are the members of Bocksholm.

In the beginning there was only a very "Drunk" gig that resulted in a very "Drunken" album but with a good and professional mastering the concert in malmo was turning in something really special and perfect.

No wonder that this record is dominated by remarcable, powerfull industrial rythms, outburts of psychadelic ambient, intoxicated and gargling vocals, sombre and dismal atmospheres transfused by alchoolic delirium, despair and hysteria ....
A perfect document showing in best way the environment where those 2 guys was growing up : "Boksholm", this isolated, remote Swedish provincial town with his polluted nature.

1 Fylla 0:59
2 Scoria 6:20
3 Bögamord 9:12
4 Koeven 9:00
5 Pressbyrån´78 6:54
6 Rinna Leathercluster 5:30

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