Accident de Chasse ( 1 )


CD Digifile (WR 51) - WAYSTIX

The Russian label "Waystyx" is going for the re-edition of a series of 13 old Brume releases from the period 1978 to 2000.
Those were the years that Frenchman Christian Renou used the name Brume and he released a whole bunch of cassettes back then.
On tose 13 CDs you will find a selection of these, along with live material and unreleased recordings.
Every CD will be released in an edition of 375 copies, so collector's item stamped all over it.

"Accident de Chasse" was originally released by Tonspur Tapes
Sounds made using reel to reel multitrack recording, synthesizers, percussion and voice creating the "concrete musique" Brume is very well known for ...
minimal sounds ...

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