Buddha 5 (White Soundbox)


Sounbox (White) (bm5) - FM3

The Buddha Machine 5, is the fifth generation of the loop machine, presenting us with 9 new loops, taken from, or inspired by, the songs on the 2014 FM3 album Ting Shuo.

Inspired by the small portable music loop players used in China for rituals and meditation, the Buddha Machine plays a variety of ambient sound loops to calm, meditate, commute, bathe, think, read and relax.
For this latest version the earlier fluro colours are stripped back, instead having a more minimal aesthetic of Black and White, with a new special 5-layer Silicon coating that gives the machines a softer feel.
It also comes with pitch and volume control, and an audio line out.

8 untitled loops.

NB: "White" version!


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