Castrate The Illusionist



Born in 1993, Grunt remains one of the most active and restless forces in Finnish – or even global industrial noise network. Since first tapes published 25 years ago, project has been active without any breaks.
Messy discography makes it hard to judge how many actual ”albums” has been created.
List of releases reaches close to hundred, yet most of them represents other approach than creation of ”album”. Castrate The Illusionist goes directly into line of albums such as Myth Of Blood (2015), World Draped In A Camouflage (2012), Petturien Rooli (2009) and Seer of Decay (2006).
This path of recent 10 years Grunt focused mostly on creation of coherent albums. Each album has had its own character, yet often continuation of sound and themes of the previous one.
Three years between the albums often spent on smaller releases and extensive amount of live gigs.
”Castrate The Illusionist” album represents both, sonic rawness of direct live-on-tape recordings as well as obsessive care on small detail. 40 minute album consists of 11 tracks, making most of them short, loaded with strong impact what leaves one hunger for more.
Sound combines traditions of experimental electronics to fierce power electronics and industrial noise, aiming to fusion of interesting textures and details without losing ripping violent force of dark side of noise

LP comes in full color sleeve plus 12"x12" insert.

A1 Castrate The Illusionist
A2 Hunting Within Civilization
A3 The Iron Curtain Of Discreet Silence
A4 Human Storage
A5 Purge Of Violence
A6 Quacksalver Of Dying Breed
B1 Judas Cradle
B2 Panacea
B3 No Longer Ours
B4 Scavenger's Daughter
B5 Choir Of Corpses

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