Charnel Heap


2xCD ([antpk.09]) - ANTIPATIK RECORDS

Limited Edition 200 copies

Re-edition for the first time into double CD of this collaborative / split album.
Includes bonus track, original Bizarre Uproar source material for Charnel Heap.
Album originally out on Corrosive Art Records as a double music-cassette box in 2010.
Completely remastered by Pentti Dassum (Umpio).

Extreme Texan P/E meets Finnish P/Noise for the definitive solution.
Limited edition of 200 copies.

1-1  Mania - Untitled 14:55
1-2  Mania / Bizarre Uproar - Untitled 14:55
1-3  Bizarre Uproar / Mania - Untitled 15:03
1-4  Bizarre Uproar - Untitled 12:11
2-1  Bizarre Uproar - Untitled 22:13

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