Mathias Grassow & Closing The Eternity


CD Digipack (aquarel 23-13) - AQUARELLIST

Limited Edition 150 copies

This is the day-out journey through the distant backwood thickets of Ural: crystal drops of daybreak and light-golden glimmers of dawn at the shallows of Shegultan river, white looming heat over rapids and rifts of Volchimya, twilight of forevening over summit of Telpos-Iz - the eyrie of northern winds, and the dead of night over boundless and desolate Paitur fens.
Deep and dreamy drones by Mathias Grassow are decorated with diverse acoustic traceries of CLOSING THE ETERNITY and cohere into organic ambient soundscapes.
Limited hand-numbered to only 150 copies.

Tracklist :
1 Shegultan 21:42
2 Volchimya Rifts 21:50
3 Blue Night Over Telpos-Iz 29:06

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