CD Digipack (TumorCD82) - MALIGNANT

This album marks the end of a trilogy that started with the ”Indications of Nigredo” 12” (2008) on Segerhuva and continued with the ”Order4” CD (2010) on Cold Meat Industry.
Four years on, IRM now release the grand finale on Malignant Records.
While the last album flowed between opposites and extremes, this new opus marks a kind of a return to more familiar ground, where traditional song structure and melody occasionally appear and are more suited to the shorter track timing.
That’s not to say that this is an easy listen – this can be an electrifying and highly charged listen, that feels visceral and almost physical in nature, and there’s plenty of nightmarish circumstance to wade through.
But the omnipresent narrative feel ultimately gives these recordings a nuanced and soothing edge.
People familiar with subjects associated with IRM, such as flamboyance, exclusion and theatrical immersion will also find a home here this time around.
Harder to grasp is what kind of existentialist limbo the perpetrator here resides in.
Redemption - not likely.
The album also features the stellar performances of English cellist Jo Quail and Swedish percussionist Ulrik Nilsson. Includes 20 pg booklet.

1  Closure I     4:25
2  Closure II     5:35
3  Closure III     8:49
4  Closure IV     2:34
5  Closure V     6:21
6  Closure VI     2:33
7  Closure VII     7:17
8  Closure VIII     4:13
9  Closure IX     7:57

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