Cryptic Void


CD Digi-Gatefold (4iB CD/1013/004) - 4iB

Limited Edition 250 copies

This split release features two long time experimental noise artists: Japan's HIROSHI HASEGAWA (Astro, C.C.C.C., South Saturn Delta, Nord) and Sweden's POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS (Krister Bergman / Demons That Drove).
"Cryptic Void" displays the unique qualities of each artist’s personal creative expressions in the field of sound manipulation.
Hasegawa offers abrasive noise loops, and harsh drones, but the overall ambience is one that is meditative, amid the confusion and mayhem brought upon by the overall atmosphere.
Positive Adjustments moves away from his previous Power Electronics outfit Demons That Drove.
He now explores deeper into the arena of sound manipulation, pushing the boundaries through the imaginative use of different electrical devices and water.
Despite some chaotic, and cacophonous metal noise structures, there are still quiet moments of soft hums and drones, creating a state of equilibrium of loud and soft in the entire environment.

Tracklist :
1 – Hiroshi Hasegawa - Cruel Street Goddess 20:57 
2 – Hiroshi Hasegawa - Higher Than Mountain Heaven 9:54 
3 – Positive Adjustments - Changing Perspectives 7:15 
4 – Positive Adjustments - Dance The Coma 8:02 
5 – Positive Adjustments - Say Goodbye To Classical Reality 7:42 

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