Sleep Has his House


CD Digipack (Durtro Jnana 1925 CD) - JNANA

David Tibet throws himself heartfirst into a single-pointed meditation on loss which is perhaps his finest work to date.
He embraces the painful matter of his father's death with a poignant gentleness, without ever turning away from his own grief and sadness, without once denying the apparent meaninglessness of human suffering, and yet, almost miraculously, without ever surrendering his quiet hope that there may be some peace in death, some small beauty in this world, and some hidden final meaning behind unbearable loss.

Personnel :
Michael Cashmore, David Tibet, Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter.

Track Listing
1. Love's Young Dream (3:02)
2. Good Morning, Great Moloch (3:29)
3. The Magical Bird In The Magical Woods (8:46)
4. Red Hawthorn Tree (4:33)
5. Immortal Bird (6:32)
6. Niemandswasser (6:08)
7. Lullaby (1:44)
8. Sleep Has His House (24:17)
9. The God of Sleep Has Made His House (4:31)

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