Dark Ork

DJINN & SC9 [Satanismo Calibro 9]

CDR Folder (None) - NOT ON LABEL

Limited Edition 100 copies


Collaborative release of those two deep, bleak and dark Italian projects.
The concept of the album turns around the boogie-man and the fears that man has to fight daily and learn how to live with.

Each singular packaging is done with a piece of an original canvas painting by Vintras dated 2013, the piece of canvas was stuck of front cover making on that way each copy a unique object.

1- DJINN - autofobia Part 1
2- DJINN - nel buio della stanza
3- DJINN - babau
4- DJINN - autofobia Part 2
5- SC9 - the Hole that Lives in the Corner of Your Eye
6- SC9 - when shadows breathe

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