Where do Broken Hearts Go ?



With this new album "Where do broken hearts go?", Decadence manage to create a perfect harmony between sophisticated Neo-Classical and Neo-Folk music; dramatic classical orchestrations, militaristic snares and soft melodies played by piano and acoustic guitars.
Fragile innocence presented by female singer Eufrosyne, and completed by the cynical voice of Petros - a perfect combination of Romance and Sin.
Decadence have released very limited vinyls and just one CD on prestigious labels before,
all of them was beautifull little jewels !

Tracklist :
1 Good Boys Go To Heaven - Sperm & Honey 5:27
2 Sin 5:04
3 Happily! 7:00
4 Cold Winter Sun 3:52
5 Farewell Of Living 3:18
6 By The Time We Sleep The Deepest Sleep 2:58
7 Do Not Resist 5:05
8 Everything I Am 4:32
9 When My Hands Seek Yours 3:55
10 With A Dream & A Gun 6:03

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