Dehumanizing Environments


CD Digipack (TumorCD88) - MALIGNANT

Lurking just at the edge of the shadows for over a decade, Milwaukee’s Climax Denial has been honing his brand of psychosexual, obsessive and fetish driven power electronics across a broad spectrum of tape, vinyl and CD releases on labels such as Urashima, Hospital Productions, Nil By Mouth, among others.
It seemed only natural that he would eventually find a home on Malignant for his second full length CD recording, though compared to some of the prior releases, this is perhaps one of the most restrained and refined.
And yet, even within a more atmospheric realm, Dehumanizing Environments is about as unnerving and depravity filled as anything Climax Denial has recorded; 4 lengthy tracks of nihilistic pulsations and glassy drones that build to Penderecki levels of dread and tension, registering feelings of claustrophobia and desperate voyeurism as exploratory tones and slow, throbbing synth textures come eerily forth.
You’re fully immersed by the time vocals finally make an appearance late on track 3, and the soft whispers remind you, there’s someone behind the wall at all times, watching with prying eyes and waiting with baited breath.
A firmly cohesive and intensive release that circumnavigates the normal trappings of sexually themed power electronics genre and represents a unique and frightening vision only Climax Denial can deliver.

Six panel digipak with outstanding illustrations and design by Andre Coelho.
Mastered by John Stillings of Steel Hook Audio.

1  The Womb As Vestibule     12:58
2  Fingering Dead Ashes As Evidence     9:27
3  Environments For Paranoid Necrotic Masturbation     13:46
4  Morning Following Dried Blood     10:31

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