Time is thee Enemy! [First Edition / Textured Digipak]



Special First Edition: comes in textured digipak with embossed text!

Unlike the early works of Der Blutharsch the tracks here are developed and structurally performed, veins of folk bleed among the samples calling to mind frayed memory of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud.

Drifts of low-fi ambience and clustered deep-bellied drums continue Der Blutharsch's sound yet the disc takes advantage of a full stereo setup, confusing said moments with lush foliage of guitar melody, organs, violins and metallic bells.
Solemn are the marches that stamp their way across the resonant landscape, riddled as it is with the bodies of the fallen, never pausing but determinedly driving.

13 untitled tracks
album also includes an extra video track from the "In the Hands of the Master"

This is rare!
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