Music Cassette (Vanity Recordings 012) - VANITY RECORDINGS

Limited Edition 100 copies

Screloma (Jun-ichi Takahashi) 's CD [dirt], originally released by the Japanese underground label Three plugs Records in 2004, here reissued on tape by American label "Vanity Recordings" in 2020. While being influenced by the artists in early Ant-Zen and Cold Meat Industry, the sound is more noisy, powerful and violent.
Jun-ichi used to hit scrap iron in a noise band, and a piece of it is projected on the metallic noise sound of this album.
The grievances of everyday feelings are yelled at, the merciless machine gun-like rhythm, the thundering noises slamming on the ground, and the heavy steel machinery that reminds us of nothingness and despair.
It also includes a good rhythm track and a Heavy Electronics style song. 
Completely apathetic, and solitary noise artist known to Japanese people who completely dislike living standard all day lifes.
Recommended for those who like Dissecting table, Vivenza, Converter. 

Golden Music-Cassette.

Side A
* sad bitch
* falle
* skum-teck
Side B
* dirt
* rosten
* jinx

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