Down But Defiant Yet

KLEISTWAHR [Gary Mundy / Ramleh / Breathless]


Collecting two songs from the ultra-limited lathe-cut released in spring 2017 on New Zealand's "Independent Woman imprint" label plus two previously unreleased tracks exclusive to this release.
Generally more refined than previous Kleistwahr work, the pieces here catch Gary Mundy (Ramleh / Broken Flag Records) furrowing his distinct and recognisable take on a kinda contemporary psychedelia with dystopian leanings.
Also nodding towards the fug generated by certain ‘krautrock’ groups whilst retaining threads of those uncompromising power-noise surges he built his reputation on, this is music guaranteed to take you to new spaces before forcing you to nervously look over your shoulder.
This is the fourth album for Fourth Dimension Records by Kleistwahr and once again arrives in an LP-style gatefold sleeve in keeping with the previous releases and, indeed, Broken Flag’s own design aesthetic.

1. Broken And Beaten In 5/8 Time Part 1. Beaten
2. What's It All For?
3. Broken And Beaten In 5/8 Time Part 2. Broken
4. Mass Exodus (A Hymn)

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