Drive Time


LP (Fun 1004) - FUN MUSIC

Philip Perkins has been involved in experimental music since the mid-1960’s.
Known as great sound effects designer for documentary films.
He has collaborated also with THE RESIDENTS making videos and recording.
Fun Music is his own label.

DRIVE TIME is a series of pieces composed as an alternative to early morning commute or "drive time" radio.
The piece alternates melodic songs (often parodies of commercial tunes) with electronic washes and stereo location recordings of street bands, parades, animals, ambiences.... And the whole is assembled like a live radio show.

Rare first edition of this LP.

A1 Rainy Third Street 0:41
A2 At Home And Away 3:44
A3 Noise Organ 1:40
A4 Xmas Party 0:42
A5 Ella 1:24
A6 Mechanical Piano Parade 2:45
A7 On The Park 2:48
A8 At The Machine 1:45
A9 Eastchester Parade 1:46
A10 The Onion 2:14
A11 Radio Dream (London) 3:59
B1 Street Conversation 0:45
B2 Hardanger 2:15
B3 Squeak Opening 2:17
B4 Grieg Park 1:20
B5 Shanty 3:37
B6 Bearing 2:14
B7 Guitar Hero 2:31
B8 Hotel TV (LA) 1:29
B9 Jig 2:31
B10 Lions 0:55
B11 Fire 3:56

This is rare!
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