Early Man


CD Stone-Box (mancd36) - MANIFOLD

EARLY MAN has a very special packaging: the CD is encased in 2 thick slabs of natural gray-green stone.

The music can be best described as primeval space-ambient.
Dreaming in the desert by ancient firelight, cave paintings come to life in a slow soul-dance of evolutionary magic.
A day in the life of EARLY MAN moves through six different zones that conjure up ancient atmospheres and elemental soundworlds, along with occasional distant and subdued primordial rhythms calling one to the next place of dreaming.

In Steve's words: "This soundtrack was created for my most distant ancestor.
The image of one lone, wandering early man continued to reoccur throughout the creation of the music, long before the title.
When Manifold Records owner Vince Harrigan called with the idea of the stone package, it was a done deal.
Although the task of cutting 2000 pieces of slate might have been a bit too ambitious, Vince proceed to create every one by hand, a true labor of love with an intention that is pure and personal.
I also loved the idea that the package itself would out-live all of us – including the CD itself – and perhaps in several thousand years when these things are dug up somewhere, the slate plates might offer future sound alchemists something to scrape together and utilize in their soundworlds, similarly to how I did on EARLY MAN.
curious sidebar to this story: I remembered while working on EARLY MAN that as a kid of 11 or so, I wanted to be an archeologist when I grew up.
I went as far as taking everyday objects and burying them deep in the dirt.
I even buried messages written in an ancient language (really English written backwards, so it could only be read in a mirror).
A few weeks later I would come back with friends who were not privy to the "dig" and go at it, uncovering these ancient artifacts...."

1. Early Dawn     11:58
2. Early Man     25:28
3. Begins Looking Skyward     6:33
4. Walking Upright    11:28
5. Hunting & Gathering     12:33
6. Flow Stone     5:42

This is rare!
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