Weird Ballads In My Town


CD Jewel Box (BN 014) - DYING ART

"The elite of folk is embedded in its unpretending style of telling a story"

Eltan Renaxy-birth of a story teller from hell.
This dark music project was created by Baishui (from Bloody Woods,guitar/keyboard/Irish flute/percussion/voice) and Lamia (female voice/lyrics).
In the first album Weird Ballads In My Town, the musicians mixed traditional European neo-folk with ambient factors, and created this perfect combination of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio's vicarious ardour and Nick Cave's weird, morbid story telling style.
This album is normally regarded as a diabolical fairy tale with eight storis about love, hate, desire, murder, rape, fornication and blood, which were told by the deep and sad voices.
The dark, twisted music is for the lone children who are listening silently in the darkness.

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