CD Jewel-Box (act 72) - ANT-ZEN

Collaboration between Olivier Moreau, John N. Sellekaers and C-Drik, following their previous projects, Urawa (on Nova Zembla) and Torsion (on Re-Load Ambient).
Ambre finds its strongest power moments in the simplicity and essence of the elements, it even reaches the point by refusing the use of any kind of beats with the shifts in it‘s threatened atmospheres.
Forbidden frequencies are merged seamless with unseen fear and organic consciousness - constructing some of the remotest soundtracks imaginable - a gorgeous sampled environment, hidden behind world‘s abusing evil.
Emotions are not considered here at all - they are replaced by sensorial stimulation. restricted to the essence, this is a timeless album, arising from a blinding, beatless labyrinth of beauty.

1 Khan 4:53
2 Reflux 4:28
3 Escale 5:39
4 Lame 6:22
5 Métempsycose 3:37
6 Colosse 6:14
7 Vertige 3:04
8 Chimère 6:09
9 Cocon 5:13
10 Étant 9:29

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