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Limited Edition 200 copies

Welcome to the Sleep Temple!
Holotrop and Vrna, two of the best kept secrets of the contemporary dark ambient and ritual music scene, immersing into the profound mystery of dream incubation.
The religious practice, of sleeping with the intention of experiencing a divinely inspired dream, was practised by many ancient cultures all over the world.
Both projects reflecting and interpreting in four so called Onirokons their own practical dream work.
ENKOIMESIS works on the highest sensory level of perception.
Typical ritual instruments like bells, gongs, chimes and drums mixed with drone and ambient soundscapes leading, accompanied by cryptic and mysteriously whispers, deep into the land of dreaming and opening the way to sacred gates.
Channeled, recorded and mixed by Vrna and Holotrop spring 2018 at Pestilentiae Templum (Italy) and Qualia (Germany).
Mastered by Eric Heyde (SARDH, Balog) summer 2018 in Dresden (Germany).
Artwork by Gianluca Martucci.

CD comes in a A5 oversize cover with 4 page booklet.
Limited edition of 200 copies.

1  Holotrop - Onirokon I 10:28
2  Urna - Onirokon II 10:28
3  Holotrop - Onirokon III 11:06
4  Urna - Onirokon IV 10:4

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