Veritas Splendor [2nd Edition]


CD Jewel Box (gr-06) - GEOMETRIK

Second remastered edition November 2008.
Veritatis Splendor (1994) is the first Esplendor Geométrico album recorded in the nineties, after the split work with Most Significant Beat -Control remoto 1.0 .
It sets the beginning of a new period of the band, where the incorporation of digital technology, synths and rythms, can be felt.
Veritatis keeps the typical characteristics of EG sound but with a greater production, complex rhythmic structures, and most of all, it achieves an original and personal fusion of classic Industrial sound with elements of tribal music, and also others of avant-garde techno.
It has a bigger variety of registers than in their newer repertoire, ranging from the hypnotism of "La radio al día", the classical sound of the duo in "Poder de ruptura", and the bright dance rhythms of "Ensayo de compresión", or "La meta del servicio", an exciting sequence really surprising, with some tribal screams.
It is noticeable the constant presence of radiophonic emissions throughout all the album.
A real classical sold out since 1995 and now available again, remastered and with different artwork.

Tracklist :
1 Ensayo De Compresión 6:05
2 La Radio Al Día 9:07
3 Poder De Ruptura 5:34
4 Nuevo Procedimiento 6:35
5 Isolektra 5:01
6 Técnica Del Aire 4:53
7 La Meta Del Servicio 6:21

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