Limited Edition 199 copies

Exterminate, the most impressive and sinister album by Morgue first way - it is just the thirteenth work in his name, during his first three years of artistic production, returns to torture the eardrums and brains of who comes across with his industrial, claustrophobic and distressing nightmares at least as much as the "annual reports" signed by the loving Throbbing Gristle.
It was recorded straight off on a hot July night in 1995.
The cassette released the same year by Slaughter Productions contains three tracks based on typical analog drones.
A three-phase escalation of alienating noisey madness, made of battered analog synthesizers and occasional incursions of revolting and decaying screams, which in no way allows you to see even the lightest light, in total surrounding darkness.
New mastering in 2020 by Andrea Marutti, the record has been pressed on 140 gr virgin black vinyl with inside-out printing sleeve in just 199 copies.
As essential as it come.

A Gas Chamber For Humanity 20:21
B1 No Remorse 9:36
B2 Ready To Die 6:09

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