Falkenstein is a fragile young oaktree in the fairywoods of new Pagan Folk Music.
Born out of the mystic nature and ancient cult-places of southern Germany, Falkenstein guides you gently to your heathen ancestors and their natural religion.
Falkenstein's music is classical NeoFolk in best tradition, with beautiful lyrics about hallowed trees and woods, ancient tales from veiled times and long forgotten natural rites.
Falkenstein is definitely a unique and outstanding NeoFolk artist of the new generation, who knows how to play his instruments and who's lyrics directly creep under the skin of each Pagan and Folk Music lover.

all songs recorded by Tobias Franke - mastered by Axel Frank (WERKRAUM) - artwork, layout and most fotos by Max Percht (STURMPERCHT)

Tracklist :
1 Funkenfeuer 4:19
2 Sonnenkraut 3:53
3 Unter Der Weide 3:25
4 Erlkönig 4:23
5 Die Odaliske 5:09
6 Grau Sind Die Masken 4:19
7 Der Zauberhain 4:26
8 Siegried's Schwert 4:46
9 Der Sonnwendmann 4:15
10 Halfdan, Ragnar's Sohn 5:08
11 Blumentod 4:09
12 Walpurgisnacht 5:20
13 Weltenbaum 3:13
14 Heiliger Holunder 3:24

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